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Education and Career- How You Can Choose The Right Path?

We live in insane times these days. With the pandemic situation, everything is uncertain now, including the career paths you may choose. Had it been before the pandemic, even a secondary school recognition would have found you a steady employment. The pandemic, nonetheless, changed the whole situation. Individuals with just a secondary school recognition experienced a 17% of joblessness rate in April 2020, which dropped to 9% in September. According to the US Census Data, the average salaries in 2019 were:

  • Attended high school but has no diploma- $29,082
  • High school graduate- $42,808
  • Associate degree- $48,687
  • Bachelor’s degree- $73,163
  • Master’s degree- $93,092
  • Doctorate- $140,337
  • Technical degree- $152,703

All in all, the pandemic brought forth the importance of higher education once again. You need the right educational qualification to pick a stable, recession-proof career path in the future. 

Top Educational Courses To Pursue During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent changes in the higher education system can play in your favour if you earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the right discipline. Here are the four trending courses to opt for in the pandemic:

1.Learning and Technology 

The Master of Education in Learning and Technology has been one of the fastest-growing degree programs since April 2020. It is a great chance for instructors to procure a postgraduate education and acquire a huge salary increase.

2.RN to MSN

The job prospects for Registered Nurses were expected to grow by 7% over the next ten years, even before the pandemic. Now the pandemic has further increased the demand for knowledgeable nurses, which is why a Master’s in Nursing or Nursing Specialty can help you go a long way. 


It is anticipated that cybercrime harms will reach nearly $6 trillion before the finish of 2021. In this way, occupations like Information Security Analysts are probably going to develop by 31%. 


Marketing is a field of versatility. Even a simple Bachelor’s degree in it can help you make the most several career paths such as PR manager, promotions manager, advertising manager, etc. The course covers concepts like sales, accounting, HR and finance. 

Now that you know the most trending educational degrees let’s see how you should choose the right career path. You can choose to earn your Bachelor’s in any other discipline as well. Make sure you follow the next steps carefully to build a strong career path in the future. 

Six Crucial Steps For Choosing The Right Career Path 

Settling on the right career path involves taking a slew of smaller yet significant decisions. Reflect on your skills, career goals and skills while you make the decisions regarding your career path. Here is a list of important steps for taking the right career path. 

1.Figure out your strengths 

Know what your strengths are before you settle on a specific career path. For instance, let’s say you are good at writing research papers. So you can provide research paper help to undergraduates. Similarly, if you are good at programming or math, you can try pursuing your career in this field in the future. Consider pursuing your career in a field you are strong at. Whether it is logical thinking or creative arts, there are potential job prospects in every field if you are really good at it. 

2.Settle on something you are passionate about 

Passion is the key. You cannot follow a career path strictly for a long period of time unless you are passionate about it. What type of work do you feel passionate about? What is your favourite hobby? Is there an activity that you love and do not even get tired of it? Think about these things before you settle on the career path. Let’s say you want to pursue a career in Biochemistry. First, make sure you are passionate about the subject. Make sure you are all up for the hard work and dedication involved in making it big in this field. 

3.See if it fits your personality 

Career path is a physical phenomenon of your personality. Lawyers generally love to discuss, and they are very great at it. Specialists have a talent for a solid way of life. You want to know yourself to pick the right professional way. Use your faculties or instinct to comprehend and investigate circumstances. You can go through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI character to comprehend your genuine, genuine character. The test helps you understand if you would be a good fit for the profession you are planning to opt for. Let’s say you are a compassionate and empathetic human being. In that case, a medical degree would be a perfect fit for a successful career path. Similarly, if you have an outgoing personality, you can opt for a career in the sales or legal area. 

4.Consider the flexibility 

You should be comfortable in the career path you choose. Comfort and flexibility go connected at the hip.. Consider how flexible you need to be in the specific field. Are you looking for a career that allows flexibility of working different hours irrespective of whether it’s late at night or during the day? Are you ready to be in a profession that requires you to do the same job day in and day out? 

5.Do not take the pay scale for granted 

Money is, after all, the main thing even when it comes to choosing the right career path. There are career options in politics and civil services where your job would be to help others. However, you might want to consider the pay scale if you want a luxurious lifestyle too. Look for a diploma or major that helps you set up a business in future or choose a career that paves the way for extensive advancement. You can opt for careers in real estate, business or accounting to enjoy high-level corporate positions in the future. 

6.Know how much effort you need to dedicate 

No matter which job you prefer to have, you have to dedicate some amount of effort to get things done. Now the question is how much effort you are ready to invest in. Figure out the pros and cons of every job you plan to take after graduation. You will find cons for every job no matter what you do. Choose the job where you are ready to beat the odds and make the most of your interest in the career path. 

Wrapping Up, 

Education and career path are two crucial milestones of our lives. This is when we grow, learn, understand ourselves better and set foot towards a stable future. But, making the right decision when it comes to acquiring a degree and choosing a career path is no easy feat. However, with the steps discussed above, things will be a tad easier. Follow your heart and the tips to choose the right career path for yourself.

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