For those who don’t know the meaning of the word DIY let me first tell you the meaning of it. DIY means DO IT YOURSELF. You can understand this simply as an art and craft where you can showcase your creativity and make your loved ones feel special. DIY work needs effort but the way it touches the heart of your loved ones no other gift can do it. We are already into 2022 and Valentine’s day is around the corner. The market and online stores have already updated their gift options for this valentine’s season. So you have the option to pick from there. It is of course much more convenient than DIY gifts. But let me tell you one thing that when you make something for your beloved then it makes them feel loved and special and that feeling cannot be expressed in words. 

So I would recommend that this valentine’s season instead of choosing gifts from the market try DIY gifts for your boyfriend. He will love and appreciate your gesture. Here in this article, we have curated a list of DIY’s that you can try for your boyfriend. So let’s hop into the article to know more. 

Gift Hamper-

A gift hamper is a collection of little knick-knacks that altogether make a complete box. You can design a gift hamper for your boyfriend by collecting all his favourite little stuff and putting them in a box. You can make a box on your own or ready-made boxes are available in the market. These boxes are aesthetically pleasing and are available in a variety of options. You can fill the hamper with his favourite chocolate, handwritten short notes, etc and make it a box of joy so that he smiles when he opens it. And You can write down your feelings and emotions in handwritten short notes. You have the option to show your creativity and make this gift hamper memorable for your boyfriend. This is the perfect valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend

Memory scrapbook-

Every relationship goes through a journey and this journey is worth cherishing. On this valentine’s day make a memory scrapbook for your boyfriend that has a collection of all the pictures and special moments that you both have spent together. Show your creativity and make this gift the most cherished gift for your boyfriend. This romantic memory scrapbook can also have a collection of your late-night Whatsapp chats. You can write down your feelings as well in this scrapbook for him to cherish. Pack and decorate it well and give this as a valentine’s gift. 


If you are good at painting or art then what can be better than gifting a wall painting to your boyfriend. You can paint his favourite picture or to make it look different you can draw his portrait and put it into a frame. Your boyfriend can keep this gift forever and every time he will look at it he will find you closer. Give your best in this to make it a most cherished gift for him. You can accompany Valentine’s day flowers along with the painting. These days, Valentine’s flower delivery is also available. You can check online florists for the same.

Make a video-

We live in the era of the digital world. Everything is getting digitalised. This is a great way to surprise your boyfriend if you are away from each other. You can make a video with all your pictures. And You can put your creativity here by putting background music, animations, transition effects, frames etc. You can add a personal video message also at the end of the video. Send this video first thing in the morning to your boyfriend and trust me he will love and appreciate your gesture. This video will bring a huge smile to his face and will make his day amazing. 

Write a letter-

Let’s go back to the era of the ’90s when letters were the most popular way of communication among lovers especially. Try this letter hack with your boyfriend. Write a letter to him in the most conventional way. Pour your heart and let your feelings get pen down on the letter. Send him this letter in advance so that it reaches him on time. You can use traditional stamps, put roses and spray scent over the letter to make it look aesthetically pleasing. 

I hope you liked and found this article interesting and ideas out of the box. Try out these DIY’s for your boyfriend to make his valentine’s day special.

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