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Top 6 benefits of using Discord for boosting marketing strategies

Top 6 benefits of using Discord for boosting marketing strategies

Marketing is a core element for every business. Brands try to reach their audiences through various marketing strategies. Since the inception of social media marketing, marketing has witnessed an effective way to reach more people. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, Discord has emerged as a vital player when compared to conventional social media platforms.

A recent study reported that Discord has 150 million monthly users and 19 million active servers. This number shows us how Discord is an underrated mode of reaching people, especially when compared to social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Discord can be quite useful for anyone who wants to have a broader reach for their business. Influencers, brands, NFT enthusiasts, and many others use Discord as a part of their marketing strategy.  

Discord is a VoIP and digital distribution platform with an instant messaging facility. Discord started as software primarily for gamers, but gradually it branched out to play a vital part in social engagement. With time, Discord has proved to be a prime competition to the social media industry.

However, for this, they must reach out to a wider group of NFT & crypto enthusiasts.

On that note, let’s look at the six benefits of using Discord for better marketing strategies:

Manage Community & Its Members Effectively

You can add members to the Discord community with an invitation link. The admin manages the server and is responsible for handling the community and its members. In addition, server admins can regulate activities by checking unnecessary spam activities and trolls.

However, the server administrators have the power to delete any spam messages and offensive content. The admin can also ban the members who don’t abide by the rules & regulations of the discord community. Discord has already banned millions of accounts for spamming over the previous year. This monitoring seemingly provides a reliable platform to share original content. So many marketers can safely share their promotional materials on Discord and reach millions.

Algorithm-free Platform

Discord plays a dual role as both an instant messaging software and a digital distribution platform. However, the remarkable part of Discord is there is no algorithm behind it. Hence, your conversations won’t get refreshed after every interval. Whatever message or announcement you make will stay there forever. So, no one will miss out on any conversation and can check them out later in chronological order.

These two reasons make Discord a favourite among marketers. They choose Discord to carry out their marketing activities because marketers can promote their brand along with community building and networking.

Building a community

Building a community is one of the most important things, and a major prerequisite for doing marketing is Discord. The discord server acts as a perfect social discussion page. As an admin, you must create channels relevant to the target audience. Add relevant sect of people to your channels so that your brand can reach the maximum number of people.

Depending on the brand requirements, you must decide whether to make video channels or podcasts. If you can make a proper community, that will raise the popularity of your brand as well.

Share Relevant Content to Increase Traction

Take the help of the Discord servers to share content relevant to your business. That will increase your brand visibility and will generate more traction. Post a lot of articles or blogs related to your business. You can add tweets and links from the internet. To cater to the need of the millennials, Discord also supports memes and GIFs sharing.

For example, if I want to write my assignment and share it with my community, I can convert it into a word or a Pdf and share it instantly. All the community members can read it simultaneously. Even if anyone misses the message at that time, they can always check all the conversations from the thread later. This way, Discord acts as an innovative and quick way to reach a wider audience effortlessly.

Join New Channels with Like-Minded People

You can also join other people’s channels as part of your business-building strategy. Apart from building communities, joining new channels of like-minded people can also help you reach target audiences. You can share your content in the other channels and boost the engagement of their channels.

This is a no-loss situation for both of you. You can reach a fresh, wider set of people by joining other channels. Similarly, those channels will also become more active and visible to others with more posts and engagements. However, you need to invest some time to find such discord servers suitable for your business requirements.

Handle End-User Complaints

One of the major prerequisites of the marketing department is to resolve the queries of the end-users. Irrespective of the brand, marketers need to address the general queries of their customer base while promoting them. In Discord, end-users or customers can raise questions and reach the marketers more easily than any other channel. Marketers can also address any queries immediately, thus increasing the brand’s trustworthiness. Certain marketers also use chatbots for answering queries. This makes things convenient for the marketers as they don’t need to be present all the time to answer the queries.

Parting Thoughts:

The only way to stay ahead of the ever-thriving competition is through innovation and constant promotions. Every brand must try to create a community and reach out to the target audiences. Formulating and implementing effective marketing strategies is the only way to do that. So, if you are a marketer, approach any reliable Discord marketing company specialising in offering Discord promotion services. Making a constant presence on Discord will eventually give your business the necessary business traction and profitability. These are some of the prime reasons you must use Discord as a part of your marketing strategy in 2022.

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