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Where can I watch free movies illegally?

We all make mistakes and as a result, we sometimes get things wrong too. However, for free movie watching sites in that case people think it’s not legal to watch free movies illegally without any permission or approval. Let us take a look at some of the most famous illegal movie sites on Earth. This list should help you a little bit when trying to find yourself a safe place to watch your favourite film with no legal problems.


Netflix is one of those companies with several streaming platforms but most popular among American audiences. They offer many movies like action, thriller, comedy, romance, etc to their viewers in different languages. You can use this site to stream movies online and download them later. It comes with various other features like offline downloading, subtitles, etc. So don’t worry about the legal issues of using Netflix to stream and download videos.

Amazon Prime Video

The biggest digital subscription service provider of Amazon. It provides thousands of films to its users. There are millions of titles available for streaming and later downloading but there is one more reason that might be enough for you to choose these services. The content that you watch might eventually become eligible to avail certain benefits. For example, if an Amazon user wants to buy another movie of theirs, they have to purchase it using Amazon Prime account and pay using that same account.


Do you see what happens when millions of people use YouTube instead of Facebook or Instagram? Millions of creators try to upload new videos regularly so there is no limit to how large video is uploaded. With YouTube, there is also a big platform from where anyone with Internet access can post original content in whatever form they want. As soon as someone makes a video from their computer, it becomes public unless anyone tries to remove his/her video manually. A recent study says that YouTube users spend up to 11 minutes per minute of online video. If that’s true, watch YouTube instead of Facebook or Instagram.

WatchGuard Mobile

This app has been downloaded over 500 million times and it’s secure and reliable. However, it works only for Android phones only now. Although they promise a 100% internet security which is not that much but still it seems like it might be worth buying the premium service like Watchguard Premium. If you are running Android 7 or newer then you can download this app right away and start watching movies that come in your country. Or watch movies that have originated from India and Bangladesh as well. It will save you money when you decide to search and watch movies but remember you will miss out on international and local channels.


This software works with both Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, etc and can even work on mobile devices and smart TVs. If you want to show your older device’s screen on any screen size but still you can only do that through M4K. That’s why you need to install this software first otherwise it might stop working after installing it. And again here you will find some decent options. But let me tell you one of the downside of this program that you have to install it from unknown sources so don’t forget for that purpose. So if you want to watch old videos then that doesn’t mean that you can only do that at home or outside. And again if you need high definition movie in low-resolution you might end up spending more money like $39/month for that. Not everyone can afford that.

Now let’s know your possible alternatives when looking for the best solution. Maybe someone can give you some advice and suggestions. At least then you can choose wisely that would be good for you.

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